Pushing your Body from a Weight-Loss Plateau

After some long period to improving your diet and increasing your exercise habit; finally, your weight started to go down and your body will shape better. It is nice to see your scale dropping down some number, giving you nearly the exact weight that you want. However, your body start to maintain its metabolism; it will start to slow down for sure. If your metabolism is slower than the usual, it will also slow down your weight loss, leaving you stuck in your current weight. No matter how little you eat, the calories will burn in the equal number from what you eat; it is also known as weight loss plateau.

stop giving up
Stop Giving Up
Stand up and do not surrender

Do not surrender and giving up, because it is normal for your body to decelerating and your will get some slow down of your weight loss. Firstly, you must try to understand, what is the main cause from your weight loss plateau? By knowing and understanding the plateau effect, you can learn how to respond and avoid some backsliding from your new healthy habits. Stuck in plateau, it can takes for some days or even some weeks. It might sounds frustrating, but all you need to do is to maintain your food intake and keep doing some exercise.

Main cause of Plateau

If you just start your diet, your body will rapidly to drop some weight. It happens when your body get less calories, your body will get some energy by slowly releasing the storage of glycogen. Glycogen is some type of carbohydrates, which you can found on your muscles and liver. Glycogen is consists with large amount of water, so when your glycogen is burn down for your energy, it will release the water content and resulting some weight loss on your body. This effect is also temporary, when your body started to loss large amount of glycogen, the weight loss plateau will occur.
Pushing your Body from a Weight-Loss Plateau
Weight Loss Graph Plateau
When the content of glycogen start to diminish, you will need to burn the fat from your body, which is will take some time. All you need to do is to have some approach as your early diet plan, or to have more exercise to burn your fat easier than before.

Passing your Weight Loss Plateau

When you have reach your plateau, it will create some lack of confidence and ruin the entire mood for you to continue your diet and exercise. You will to make some note, either you already satisfied with your current weight, or you want to lose some more, everything is up to you. If you are interested to push your body to its limit, and reach beyond your weight loss plateau, you can start to have some different method.

Try to look back for your food records. Try not to loosen it a little bit. You must keep your dietary intake as low as you can, and do not intake any larger portions of food. Keep doing some exercise, and do not pass a day without it. If you do less exercise, it will also lead you to your weight loss plateau. By increasing your workout by thirty minutes, it will help you to burn more calories. By adding some weightlifting exercises, will increasing your muscle mass and help you to burn some fat that lies behind your muscle. Try to pack some outdoor activities and think far beyond your own gym. You can start to do by leaving your car, and do some walking and start to use some public transport. You can also start to tend your own lawn by yourself. By sweating from sunbathing, will help you to diminish some water content from your body.

Desperate times, desperate measures

If your entire efforts to get beyond your weight loss plateau is not effective, it is better for you to do some conversation and consultation with your dietitian, because they might have some great suggestion that might useful for you to diminish your weight. Remember not to push your body too far, or you will suffer from bad healthy condition. Keep your calories intake as low as possible, but try not to push it below 1200 calories, or you will suffer from food deprivation, which will make your body is starve uncontrollably. You will need to remember that some weight-loss medicine also not good for your health. As you can see, having some steroids to increase your muscle content is also not a great idea. Medicated weight-loss treatment is not an option, because it will make your body suffer from the side effect from the medication itself. Doing some fat-removal operation also will not make your body healthy, it will leave you in over confidence state, and make you to start eating much again. It is better to keep your head cool, and start to do some exercises!

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