Weight Loss Smoothies: the Quickest, Easiest, and Healthiest Way to Fill You Up

If you have planned healthy foods for your weight loss diet plan, what about the beverages then? Sure, there are many options to choose one from even if you are currently dieting. However, here I want to suggest you with weight loss smoothies  instead. Smoothies are the quickest, healthiest beverage that is easy to make. Why not? Throwing things, like fruits and vegetables in a blender and blending them together will do the job to get the smoothie ready. It won’t even take too much of your time to prepare it. So, let me share you some of them here in this opportunity.

Sweet Spinach Smoothie
So, have you ever tried spinach smoothie? Well, blended vegetable might seem weird at first. However, having the vegetable sliced will make it easy for your body to absorb the nutrients contained in it. That is why smoothie is needed to lose weight. Furthermore, it does not always taste bitter. Sweet Spinach Smoothie proves this true. As the name suggests, you should get the picture of the taste, right? Yes, this kind of weight loss smoothiesis made of spinach, but it tastes sweet.

Weight Loss Smoothies
Weight Loss Smoothies
To make this smoothie, you will need nonfat Greek yogurt, spinach leaves, ripe pear, green or red grapes, avocado, and lime juice. These are the ingredients that you will need to make this smoothie to lose weight. Just make sure to follow the recommended measurement for each ingredient to make it. One serving of this kind of weight loss smoothies, there are intake of 316 calories, 21-gram protein, 52-gram carbohydrate, 6-gram fat, 9-gram fiber, and 115-miligram sodium. With that much intake, you can withstand your hunger till the supposed time to eat comes.

Apple-Cinnamon Smoothie
If you want to get away from vegetable-based smoothies, you can always choose the others. Smoothies are not made from vegetables only after all. The thick, smooth drink I want to recommend to you this time is called Apple-Cinnamon Smoothie. Well, simply put, this kind of weight loss smoothies is made of apple and cinnamon. Who wouldn’t want apple anyway? Apple is a fresh fruit that is tasty to begin with. It goes even better with cinnamon which offers special flavor to the smoothie.
Apple Cinnamon Smoothie
Apple Cinnamon Smoothie
Moreover, cinnamon gives aromatic spice that will raise your appetite to drink the smoothie as well. This kind of weight loss smoothies can keep your stomach satisfied for some hours long. Not to mention, the ingredients blend up pretty quickly. They might blend faster than the others. This is quite useful for you will get it done in fast pace if you happen to have limited time to prepare your smoothie. This smoothie is good to prepare for your breakfast and is better drunk to prevent us from light snacking.

Tropical Morning Smoothie
What would you think if I suggest you with Tropical Morning Smoothie? Yes, you should have been able to figure out that this is the kind of weight loss smoothies that uses tropical fruits as its ingredients. So, what do you think would be needed here? In order to make it, you will need nonfat Greek yogurt, fresh or frozen mango, fresh pineapple, frozen banana, and ground linseed. You can just blend them all together in certain measurement for each of them.

This tropical kind of weight loss smoothies contains 368 calories, 22-gram protein, 60-gram carbohydrate, 7-gram fat, 9-gram fiber, and 68-miligram sodium in one serving. This is quite nice-looking smoothie after the ingredients we are talking about earlier are blended together. Placing a half slice of mango in the edge of the glass will make it look more inviting, don’t you think? Of course, this smoothie does not taste bitter at all. Fruits are sweet to begin with after all.

Almond Berry Smoothie
Another kind of weight loss smoothies you can consider is Almond Berry Smoothie. The ingredients needed to make it are almond butter, berries, strawberries, and banana. One serving of this kind contains 350 calories, 9.2-gram fiber, and 15-gram protein. This is pretty satisfying smoothie for it fills you up even if it is just one kind of beverages. Normally, beverages will fill only us up with liquid. It is easy for us to feel the hunger again after a short time. However, smoothie can keep you feel full for longer time, avoiding you from cheating a little by snacking.

Not to mention, it is delicious enough to make you keep drinking it so that you can lose weight.Furthermore, it has quite interesting look as well. You see, eating or drinking something colorful can help you to have more appetite, especially when you can’t just eat anything you want while dieting. The berries in this smoothie for weight loss will contribute greatly to make it more colored. Yes, this kind of weight loss smoothies looks purple in its color. Rather than making white one, this purple smoothie looks more interesting, don’t you think?

PB&J Smoothie
Now, then, what is this so-called PB&J Smoothie this time? Just by its name, it has been making us quite curious about it. Well, it is not like this kind of weight loss smoothies is something suspicious and all. It uses quite common ingredients just like the others as well. PB&J Smoothie is made from nonfat Greek yogurt, fresh or frozen strawberries, frozen banana, smooth peanut butter, and ice. See? These are quite common ingredients to make this smoothie look pink.

One smoothie usually contains 327 calories, 18-gram protein, 55-gram carbohydrate, 7-gram fat, 9-gram fiber, and 94-miligram sodium. This pink smoothie will look cute with one half slice of strawberry placed on the edge of the glass. So, you do feel like drinking it, don’t you? Weight loss smoothies are basically easy and timeless to make. It goes the same with this smoothie. Since it contributes to weight loss, it is recommended to drink it at least one smoothie a day. Sooner, you will surely see some losses on your weight.

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